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Christmas with the Stars EVENT

Posted by LuckoDaStars - 1 month ago

Hello everyone. name is Bold King Cole part of LuckoDaStars. AND I AM LETTING IT ALL OUT FOR PEOPLE, TO KNOW!!!!

That I am working on a Christmas cartoon called: Christmas with the Stars it is a passion project currently being made with my team from Newgrounds, my personal animation team, and a few guest animators who might be able to assist with the animation The Collab is basically a Slice of Life with Wacky Hijinks, Slapstick, Parodies of Christmas Traditions, a Warm Feeling of the Season, and a heart felt ending with the collaborator and the people who joined We have many Parts that needs to be done, many characters to be added, backgrounds to be made and voices to be spoken.

We already have a Rough with some animation that was made last year, but Sadly we didnt get finished... but THIS YEAR!!!! this is where we shine like a star. so much so that we added a few new parts and potential other characters who needs to be animated and have your character you animate as an active character in the background, animated cameo, or potentially being the focus on a scene depending on what is going on.

We have the Support of Tom Fulp as one of the Voices in the Cartoon, Psycho Goldfish is Animating for this as well, James Lee in interested and a few other Guest Star Animators who are joining the Event

- We want you to use any animation program you feel best with or method like 3D or 2D Programs to animate YOUR CHARACTER, Puppetry for some of your characters, make backgrounds (just as long as you can upload as a Transparent png sequence) and other things too. - We would ask you to have an Original Character the Reps you. Fan Characters are fine but we encourage original characters to be based on you.

- if you have your character in there, you do need to draw them or animate them (THAT IS THE BIG RULE) but if you are able to help with other things inside of this Cartoon, it would be most appreciative.

We are Aiming to get Christmas With The Stars done by Christmas Week and i would LOVE to have as much help with this Story with my friends and the Newground Community



Comments (10)

The script is pretty fun. If you're an animator/background artist, etc, that wants a credit on a big Xmas project, you should consider this one!

This sounds pretty cool. I am a little confused on what you want people to do though. Do you have people all animate their own Christmas skit with their own character or do you talk to the writers to create a scene? I think this will be really awesome and I am potentially interested but more information would be appreciated.

they need to have a picture, animate them or if you'd like, be assigned a character for a scene

@MoritzJunker we already have a lot written down for te bulk of the story, so we can add small snippets and such for the toon

I am the host of the event now.

Looking foward to it :D

I may be able to help out with any background art if that's the case. I'll have to see after all my other work is done. I'll keep this project in mind, sounds very fun!

I'll throw my hand in this!

I will join if you have room, sadly I can only send a png of a still image not an animation so it’s one or the other

DM me the discord server

i need to see your works first. i dont randomly invite to this event

Sounds fun, though I don't know much about the project, lemme know if I can help :)